Episode 11: Closing the Deal Without Being Pushy

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How many times have you not followed-up because you didn’t want to be pushy? You’ve probably missed out on the opportunity to close the deal with a would-be client thanks to our friend fear. In this episode, we’re diving into how to close the deal without being pushy.

Here’s the scoop from episode #11:
  • Closing the deal is a hot topic for most people: there’s a fine line between closing the deal and being pushy
  • Because being pushy has such a bad connotation in our brains, we tend to err on the side of caution when trying to close the deal
  • Being able to sell is seen as more of a masculine trait; the less of a masculine energy you have, the more awkward this concept will feel to you
  • When someone comes to you, they are there for a reason; it is better to get a ‘no’ then to have deafening silence
  • We talk about how we have become more comfortable over the years with pitching and closing the deal, we share our tips and tricks with you
  • How do you go from prospect to paid client? We share our tactics
  • Understanding the dynamics of your industry is important, you need to know how long it can take to close a deal
  • It’s important to ask what the client’s timeline is: you need to know when to follow up based on when they want the work done
  • If you take a week to turn around a proposal, you can’t expect the client to respond in a day
  • When you follow up, make sure to add some value instead of just saying ‘hey, I’m just following up’
  • Don’t offer something in the follow up that you don’t normally do once they’re a client; if you won’t jump on a call with them all the time as a client, don’t offer it in your follow up
  • Get your follow up systems in place: this is taking up valuable energy and time: keeping everything in one place is critical
  • There are situations where you are full and need a place to keep those inbound leads, this is key
  • We talk about how to deal with ‘ghosting’ and follow up with it

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