Episode 12: Setting Client Expectations & Boundaries

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Expectations. Boundaries. Both are a constant work in progress as a service-based business owner. In this episode, we’re going to break down what we’ve learned about the good and bad of setting expectations and boundaries.

Here’s the scoop from episode #12:
  • The service is part of the service-based business, keep that in mind when setting boundaries with your clients
  • There are some people who use boundaries as a power game and others who have almost no boundaries because they want to be of service at all times
  • As service-based business owners, you probably are trying to come in the middle somewhere of these two types
  • You can have fluid boundaries, you can’t be unyielding
  • We differentiate between boundaries and expectations
  • If someone has been a good client, and they ask for that outlier request and the answer is an immediate no, that can turn them completely off
  • You can figure out what your boundaries are and then use those to set your expectations at the beginning of a project
  • Having some fluidity in your boundaries will feel great to your clients and also make you feel more on more of a partner level with your clients
  • We talk about the importance of setting expectations and sticking to them in the beginning period of working with a client
  • You can’t assume your client knows the expectations if you are not clear of what they are
  • We share some stories from our business where we’ve let the expectations and boundaries blur a bit and how we recovered
  • You need to think about the times you are going to put your foot down and why, this is different for everyone
  • You can fix the problem if you haven’t been clear on your boundaries, we explain how to do so in the best way
  • If you work off hours, use boomerang to send your emails during business hours to keep up with your expectations
  • You are a contractor and you can set your own hours and vacation schedule, it’s only on you if don’t do so
  • We talk about setting your boundaries as we go into summer and how it can actually put your clients more at ease

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