Episode 14: Client Communications that Breed Trust

Pin this + learn how to untangle your client communications in our latest podcast episode. Find out why communication is so important with your clients, what red flags to watch out for, + how to avoid over-communicating. You don’t want to miss this one!

Running a services-based business isn’t for the feint of heart and as you’re juggling client projects, sometimes it’s easy to let client communications slide. In this episode we’re talking client comms: how-to do it better, how to watch for red flags and more.

Here’s the scoop from episode #14:
  • We talk about why client communication is so important
  • When you’re not communicating with your clients, they start to worry they’re not getting the value they need or that things aren’t getting done
  • Make sure that you’re not over communicating: the client doesn’t need to know how the sausage is being made, they just want to know when it will be delivered
  • Keep your level of communication on par with that of the client: if they like a longer communication, respond in kind (without writing back a book)
  • How can you keep the lines of communication untangled and open with your clients?
  • It’s easy to feel isolated in the online world: letting your clients feel heard is key to going above and beyond with your client communication
  • Kindness and compassion can really set you apart: it’s easy to be misled by an email
  • We talk about how to sit down and rate yourself with each client and the aspects of working with them: if you’re feeling you’re not an A plus in something, chances are the client is feeling it as well
  • Owning your mistakes without making it worse than it is can really feel good landing with the client
  • We talk about our client checkpoints that we have set in place and why, and how they have improved our client communications
  • If you have an unresponsive client, try to figure out why: are they working in a different time zone or off hours from you?
  • Pick one action you can do now to make this real and improve your client communication

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