Episode 16: The Mid-Year Check Up for Your Business

Pin this + find out how to do your own mid-year business checkup. Re-examine and reset the goals and plans you made at the beginning of the year, and learn how to adjust your expectations + goals according to the natural seasons in your business.

Can you believe it? 2016 is half way through, so how do you use this as a point to reset, and take your Summer to recharge? We’re talking about how to do a mid-year check up on our business goals and plans, and how to do your own checkup so September doesn’t roll around and you’re scrambling.

Here’s the scoop from episode #16:
  • We talk about how we just ‘re-calibrated’ our 2016 goals and why
  • You can set goals at the beginning of the year, but everything can change in the first half of the year
  • Check in with yourself, if you are killing yourself to hit your goals, you run your own business and can re-examine and reset
  • You want to push yourself, but if you’re consistently not making your goals they need to be adjusted-you don’t want to feel like you’re failing all the time
  • We are taking in so much in a day that tells us we’re ‘less than’, the more you can get away from this and lock it down, the better it is for your business
  • There are different seasons in your business, you need to adjust your expectations and goals accordingly
  • We talk about SMART goals: what are they and how do we use them in our business?
  • You are already an ambitious person by owning your own business, but there is such thing as too much ambition. We explain what this can look like
  • We talk about The 12 Week Year and The One Thing (links below) and why we recommend and use them in our day to day business
  • Be realistic about what you’re really going to get done this summer, focus on what really matters to you and some things might have to wait
  • This is your invitation to press the pause button and reflect on the half year that’s passed and what you’d like the next half year to look like

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