Episode 19: Courtney Johnston on Niching, Success & Staying on Course

Pin this + find out how sales page expert Courtney Johnston has evolved her service-based business over the years, including niching down, overcoming her biggest challenge, how to know what services to offer, + her valuable advice on “playing the long game” in your business.

Get ready for a breath of fresh air! Today copywriter and sales specialist Courtney Johnston of The Rule Breaker’s Club shares how she runs her business, what she’s learned from niching and redefining success so she’s living life on her terms.

Here’s the scoop from episode #19:
  • Courtney tells us about her business, what she does, and who she serves
  • Courtney shares what made her decide to start her own business and how it has evolved over the years
  • As your business grows, your business model will evolve and change; Courtney shares this evolution in her own business and the breakdown of her business model currently
  • A few years ago, Courtney honed in on doing mostly sales pages, she shares why she did this and why niching worked for her
  • Courtney shares the biggest challenge she has faced in all of your years of business and how she overcomes it
  • Courtney shares with us what she wished she would have known about customer service and being an entrepreneur when she first started out in her own business
  • Don’t offer services based on what you do, offer your services to solve specific problems that your people are having
  • We learn what Courtney’s guilty pleasure is and why she indulges in it
  • When you aren’t very good at focusing, you have to organize yourself to work with your strengths; Courtney shares how she does this in her business
  • There are some traps as an entrepreneur that are easy to fall into when working with clients, Courtney shares the ones she is the most vulnerable to and how she tries to avoid falling into them
  • Courtney shares her tips and tricks for stepping outside of her comfort zone
  • Courtney shares her advice for ‘playing the long game’ in your online business

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