Episode 20: Pressure, Success and Sustainability with Brittany Becher

Pin this & listen to this fantastic interview with service-based business owner and co-founder of Scoop Industries, Brittany Becher. Her entrepreneurial journey has a slow, steady start, but even with all her experience, Brittany still battles the imposter complex and external pressure of what success “should” look like. Listen in to find out how Brittany grew such a successful business in only 2 years and how she plans to maintain that growth.

In this episode we continue going behind-the-scenes of services-based businesses and this time we’re talking with Scoop’s Brittany Becher. She opens up about the pressure we put on ourselves, redefining success so we aren’t falling into the same thing we left behind with our 9-to-5 and making business sustainable.

Here’s the scoop from episode #20:
  • Brittany shares how long she’s been in business and why she started her own business in the first place
  • There’s not always a huge reason you go into your own business, sometimes you fall into it naturally; Brittany shares how this happened to her
  • In the 2 years she has been on her own, Brittany shares what her biggest challenge has been
  • Dealing with external pressure can be hard, you have to always keep sight of what your definition of success is, not someone else’s
  • Brittany explains the importance of using her ambition for ‘good’: if she left her corporate job to just re-create it for herself, then she feels she is using her ambition for ‘evil’
  • Brittany shares her favorite thing about working with clients in a service based business
  • You can’t be all about work, Brittany shares her favorite guilty pleasures to indulge in on her down time
  • As the CEO of her own company, Brittany wears a lot of hats in a day. She shares how she stays focused
  • How does Brittany stay confident when the imposter complex kicks in?
  • We tend to remember the 2 negative client experiences out of 100 positive, Brittany shares how she remembers not to be so nasty to herself
  • We talk about sustainability and how Brittany plans on sustaining success in her business
  • Brittany shares how maintaining the integrity in her business is important to her; she wants to really help smaller businesses get where they want to go
  • Brittany shares her favorite places to get inspiration for her business

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