Episode 22: Krystina Feucht on Leaving Corporate & Growing Your Side Hustle

Pin this + discover the real truth about growing your business as a side hustle from Krystina Feucht, former corporate gal who grew her marketing agency as a side business before going full-time entrepreneur. She shares how she grew her business with limited time to work on it, making the transition to full-time entrepreneur, and why community & referrals are key.

So much of the advice out there about going full-time in your business is along the lines of “screw it, just do it” – which isn’t going to work for the majority of people. In this episode, Krystina Feucht, the owner of Modi Marketing gives us the scoop on how she made a graceful exit after 15+ years in corporate, how she found her first clients and much more.

Here’s the scoop from episode #22:
  • Krystina explains her business and who she serves
  • We learn how Krystina made the move from doing her business on the side to making it her full-time job
  • Using your side hustle to grow your business can teach you so much about time management, how you work with clients, etc. Krystina explains how she used this time to build her confidence in her business
  • Krystina shares the one thing she wishes she had known before she moved from her side hustle to a full-time business
  • Getting connected early on and growing your support network is key: you can learn a lot about what owning your own business looks like from other entrepreneurs
  • Krystina talks about setting up your processes with the idea of what it will look like with a full client docket rather than just a few to start: you can create some bad habits that are hard to break down the road
  • We learn how Krystina actually makes money: what kind of relationships does she have with clients and what she likes to do
  • Krystina explains how she strategically used her current clients and referrals to position herself to go full-time with her business
  • Prospecting and the ‘business of business’ can take up a lot of your time, Krystina explains how she balances that with client work
  • Krystina shares how she keeps track of her clients and prospects and keeps up with her follow up process
  • We learn what Krystina’s favorite guilty pleasure is and how she takes a break from her business
  • Krystina explains how, why, and when to ask for a referral from your current clients
  • You can’t be good at everything, you will end up being ‘okay’ at everything; you can pick something that you really shine at and stand out with it

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