Episode 23: Jules Taggart on the Myth of Balance & Sustaining Success

Pin this + discover how Jules Taggart balances her time between working on her business, in her business, cultivating prospective clients, + having 2 young daughters at home. This is one episode every mompreneur will not want to miss!


If you feel like you’ve got a lot of balls in the air (don’t we all?) you’ll want to listen to this episode where we chat with Jules Taggart. She’s nearly 5 years into her business and she gets real in this episode about business development, why she started her business and where she gets inspired. 

Here’s the scoop from episode #23:
  • Jules’ explains what she does in her business and who she serves
  • We learn how long Jules has been in business and how her business has evolved over the years
  • Jules shares her interesting and unusual start to her business with a pig named Princess Anastasia Beaverhausen in a rap video 
  • Jules shares her current business model and how she actually makes money
  • We learn how Jules splits her time between working on her business and in her business, and how does she find the time to prospect and develop new leads?
  • Jules shares a business development tip for working with clients 
  • We learn about Jules’ love for Contactually and why and how she uses it
  • Jules shares the biggest challenges she has faced over the years in her business and what she has learned from them. (Hint: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!) 
  • How does Jules sustain her success as part of a long game versus the ‘get rich quick’ schemes
  • Sometimes you can have a ‘bad’ job that helps teach you what not to do, Jules explains how this happened with her
  • Jules shares where she finds inspiration outside of the business world

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Behind-the-scenes of Princess Anastasia’s rap video 

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