Episode 24: The Truth About Six Figures

Pin this + find out why we’re just as sick of the obsession with 6 figures as you are. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy + keeps your bills paid, it doesn’t matter what your final income is. The “more is better” mindset is ruining modern entrepreneurship - don’t fall into the trap!

Sigh. We’re both so tired of six figure talk, but it’s not going to stop any time soon so in this episode we’re confronting it straight on. We’re breaking down the problem with borrowing other people’s dreams, the embracing where you are and more.

Here’s the scoop from episode #24:
  • This ‘6 figure’ talk is not going to stop anytime soon, so we need to talk about it
  • It’s ok if you are making 6 figures in your business and it’s ok if you are aiming for that; but the 6 figure shaming has got to stop
  • We talk about why we are vulnerable to this kind of talk and how we have fallen prey to it in the past
  • When you set up your 90 day plan, and your only goal is to make 6 figures, you need to examine why this is such a focus for you
  • We talk about the difference between setting yourself up for sustainability versus killing yourself for a ‘flash in the pan’ result
  • All of this money talk can put you in ‘I’m not good enough’ mode, we all have money mindset issues, we talk about how we cope with that
  • Make sure you ask yourself this: ‘do I want this or do I need this?’ to understand your true budget and needs
  • Remember the bottom line of the ads you are reading: they want you to buy something, they want to turn your wants into needs and make it urgent
  • The 6 figure talk can come off as not completely honest, don’t brag you made that much if you didn’t and even if you did, don’t feel the need to shout it out
  • We talk about what you can do to avoid this 6 figure trap and how to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your business and your clients
  • Think about what is it that serves you and lights you up about your business, it’s probably not money
  • Think about what matters and makes you happy outside of your business, then the money you make in your business has a purpose to do that thing and not just to be a figure to aim for
  • We share some ways to fight the imposter complex and feed yourself positivity instead of negativity
  • Pay attention to the content, people, and things that trigger you and find a way to not follow it and get away from it

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