Episode 25: Letting Go of the Shoulds With Victoria Klein

Pin this + discover how Victoria Klein has honed in one vital key to have a successful business: doing what comes naturally to you, but not to others. She also talks about the mindset shift from seeing failure as a negative to a positive opportunity, the unspoken world of “shoulds” among entrepreneurs, and the biggest lessons she’s learned in over 12 years as a business owner.

Have you ever found yourself doing something and wondering why? Or bouncing around on the edge of burnout? Victoria shares a honest look at failures, shoulds and the realities of working with clients as we go behind her boss mask in this episode.

Here’s the scoop from episode #25:
  • We learn what VK’s business is and who she serves and is honest about the realities of working with clients 
  • VK shares the biggest lessons she’s learned in all her years of freelancing, owning a business, and entrepreneurship
  • VK talks about focusing on the things that come naturally to you but may not to others and how you can use that to grow your business
  • If you can start to transition from seeing failure as a negative to seeing it as a positive and seeing a silver lining in each one, you can really start to shift the mindset of your business
  • We talk about the challenge of ‘the shoulds’ when working online and how to use them effectively and not as shaming tools
  • VK shares her favorite thing about working with clients
  • We learn VK’s biggest client challenge or stumbling block she’s come across in the past year
  • VK shares how she has used the transition from a VA to a OBM and mentoring to help grow her business
  • What is VK’s favorite guilty pleasure and why?
  • VK is an alumni of our Double It program, and she shares what her favorite part of it was
  • If someone was interested in growing their business, VK shares what she would want them to know about the Double It program

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