Episode 27: Megan Flatt on Finding Clients and Keepin’ It Real

Pin this + meet one of our favorite mama CEOs, Megan Flatt. A business consultant for mom who are running businesses of all kinds, Megan knows that trying to divide your attention between your business and your family is no small feat. Listen to this interview to find out how Megan grew her business with a family in tow, the importance of finding your trip of fellow CEO mamas, the key to working seamlessly with more 1:1 clients, and so much more!

Business strategist Megan Flatt joins us to share a behind-the-scenes of her business where she works with moms to help them build their businesses. Give this episode a listen to hear about how Megan’s always been an entrepreneur, how she finds her clients and how she shows the real behind-the-scenes of running a business and having a life.

Here’s the scoop from episode #27:
  • Megan shares what she does and who she serves
  • We learn how Megan started her business and how she got to where she is now in her business
  • What does water aerobics have to do with Megan’s business?
  • Megan shares her favorite thing about working with her clients today
  • As entrepreneurs, we’re not punching a clock: we’re always thinking about our businesses and as moms we are always thinking about our kids, how do you intertwine those?
  • We learn some of Megan’s biggest road bumps in her business over the years
  • Being able to step outside the framework of your program is key when working with 1:1 clients, Megan shares how she balances a customized one-on-one feel with a basic framework
  • We learn where Megan finds her new clients
  • ‘6 figures in 6 minutes’ is not necessarily something to strive for; we talk about building your business in a way that it has sustainability for your family life and your business life
  • We talk about the difference between the ‘airbrushed’ version of a female entrepreneur versus what a real female entrepreneur looks like
  • Megan shares her favorite guilty pleasure
  • We talk about finding your tribe and how important it is to find the people who really ‘get’ you
  • Megan shares her big goal for the Fall with her kids back in school

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