Episode 29: Do You Really Need a Niche?

Pin this + find out if all the hype of picking a niche for your business is real. It can be hard to know if you’ve niched too far or not enough, or even how soon you should be choosing a niche. This episode of The Inside Scoop gives you the 411 on niching, including the balance between finding your niche and taking it too far.


You need a niche is the most common advice. But do you? How do you actually find a niche? We’re breaking it all down in this episode of the Inside Scoop Show including why we’ve got a love/hate relationship with niching.

Here’s the scoop from episode #29:
  • What is a niche and why do we need one?
  • While niching is really important, it can get carried away sometimes, we explain when and how we’ve seen this happen
  • The magic of the niche is having a focus and making it easy for the right clients for you to find you
  • If you niche too early, you can really limit yourself and your potential clients
  • Making yourself a little more contained about what you do can set you apart and make you an expert
  • You have to find the balance between finding your niche and taking it too far, we talk about how we have struggled with that balance in the past
  • You have to take into account the current market: it’s ever-changing and your audience may want different things as time passes
  • You can niche by what you do, but you can also niche by who you serve: we talk about the difference
  • When should you actually niche and why?
  • When you niche, also pay attention to what you actually like to do
  • If you are struggling to find business and clients, it may be time to examine if you have made your focus too narrow or too broad

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