Episode 30: Racheal Cook on Merging a Passion with Practicality

Pin this + discover how Racheal Cook merged her passion for Yoga with the practicality of running a successful business. She also has wonderful insight on how to recover from overwhelm, the benefit of working with clients, and how scheduling her family and self-care time comes before business tasks. This episode is a must-listen.

When Rachael left her job as a consultant, she was burnt out and not sure where to go next. She quickly found herself with her passion for yoga merging with her consulting skills, and her business was born. In this episode we’re exploring favorite things about working with clients, managing your schedule to stay sane and more.

Here’s the scoop from episode #30:
  • Racheal shares what her business is, who she serves, and how she does it
  • We learn how Racheal got started and what actually drove her to start her own business
  • Racheal shares how she found her passion in the yoga world and merged that with her coaching skills to do what she loved with the right audience for her
  • We learn Racheal’s favorite thing about working with clients and why, no matter how ‘big’ you get, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with actual people and work with actual clients
  • Racheal shares some of the biggest challenges and stumbling blocks she has faced over the years of owning her own business
  • Racheal abides by the saying ‘pricing is positioning’ and how she has used it over the years to get the kind of clients she loves to work with
  • It’s so easy to get into overwhelm and start to feel burnt out, Racheal shares how this happened to her and how she dealt with it and also her advice on how to get out of overwhelm now
  • Racheal shares her concept of scheduling your family and self time first and then adding in your business to dos

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