Episode 31: Preparing Now to End 2016 Strong

Pin + Listen.When you’re running a services-based business Q4 can be a game changer. Learn how to use this quarter to end your year strong and set your 2017 for serious success. We’re talking booking more clients, managing your workload, making more money for your services business and more. Click through to listen now.

Hello October! It’s the last quarter of the year, which can be a make or break moment for your services-based business. How? We’re breaking it down how to prepare now to end 2016 strong.

Here’s the scoop from episode #31:
  • We love the fourth quarter because it seems to be where the magic happens for services based businesses
  • It’s easy to take your foot off the gas in Q4, but this is where you lay the foundation for the year ahead
  • We talk about why Q4 is so ‘magical’ and has always been a great time for us in our business
  • Q4 tends to be when people realize they need to pack everything they haven’t gotten done into the last quarter of the year, this can work to your advantage as a services-based business owner
  • We talk about how to treat your last quarter like the 12 week year and get really clear on your revenue goals and then break it down by month and week to keep yourself on track
  • Stop looking back and overwhelming yourself with what you haven’t gotten done, look forward to the quarter ahead
  • Pay attention to the capacity of what you actually can take on this time of year, you don’t want to drive yourself crazy and miss life to make a couple extra dollars
  • We have some really specific things you can do and tackle now to end 2016 strong and also enter 2017 strong
  • If you have a big offer coming up before the end of the year or the beginning of 2017, it’s time to start prepping and seeding that now, we talk about how
  • There are also some really great things you can do with existing clients in Q4, we explain some of these
  • If you haven’t done it, this is a great time to raise your prices on your retainer clients; we talk about how to do this strategically
  • Q4 is a great time to onboard some prospective clients, we talk about how to do this in the best way
  • We talk about taking time off around the holidays and how and when to let you clients know you are doing so strategically
  • It becomes very easy to check out in December, we talk about how this has become a practice to not do so in our businesses and why

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