Episode 32: Importance of Your Personal Brand to Attracting Clients

Newsflash - Your brand as a services business is about waaaaay more than your fonts or colors, or even your website. Learn the 5 elements of a great brand and how as a freelancer, consultant or anyone working with clients you can master them to help you stand out - and most of them are things you can do without spending the big bucks. PIN for later!

Branding is such a buzz word, but your personal brand matters in a big way. In this episode we’re defining what a personal brand is, why you need one…and things you may not realize about your personal brand. Plus we talk about how a brand is not a fancy website!

Here’s the scoop from episode #32:
  • Branding is a huge concept that’s not often fully understood, we explain why it can be so  complicated
  • We tend to think of branding as your website or design only, we talk about why it’s a much bigger concept
  • We share a great brand framework we have found and why we love it
  • The first step of branding is sharing what people will get from working with you: actual product along with the feeling they will have
  • We talk about brand perception, reputation, and why it’s the bread and butter of your business
  • What someone might expect and what you might deliver is important to be matched up: how do you do this successfully?
  • Your brand needs to have personality to give it life, we share why and how to get this across to your audience
  • Your brand elements are actually the last part of your branding, we talk about why it may not be the most important based on where you are in your business
  • Above all else, as long as you are really clear and cohesive about what it is you deliver, how you deliver it, and it matches up visually, that will define your branding
Main Branding Takeaways:
  1. How can you communicate your brand promise to your would-be clients? What results do you deliver? Do you have proof?
  2. How is it that you manage your client interactions? How do you make your clients feel during and after working with you?

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