Episode 35: How Your Services Biz is the Smartest Path to Success

Here’s why the path to success for your business isn’t in creating an online course or passive income from day one. Pin to learn why freelancing or running a services business is the fastest path to success with an online business.

Many a business starts with BIG rainbow unicorn dreams….but then reality sets in. In this episode of the Inside Scoop Show we’re breaking down the path to success and why it actually lays in offering services.

Here’s the scoop from episode #35:
  • It’s common to look at someone who is 10 or more steps ahead of us and running courses or programs with big numbers, but if you look at their businesses, it usually started with services
  • We talk about the foundation that had to be built before starting a course or program
  • If you are struggling currently with your programs or courses, we explain how offering services can help you figure out what your audience wants and how to best deliver it
  • We each share how we’ve started our businesses, both starting with courses or with services and the different outcomes they provided
  • We are sharing our insight we learned from building our businesses through services
  • People will always pay for one on one time, rather than doing a course or offering, they would rather have you do it for them
  • You can always make more money, there is not a way to create more time; we explain how to capitalize on this
  • There are some big services myths out there, we are debunking some of them today
  • Online courses, digital programs, etc. can get very costly, we’re talking about why services based work avoids a lot of these costs
  • Finding clients can be a real challenge for your services based businesses, check out the booking map leadbox below for some free resources!

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