Episode 39: Setting the Right Goals for 2017

Here’s why the path to success for your business is having goals and a roadmap to get it done. Pin to learn why goal setting before the year starts is the best way to set yourself up for success. *Pin for later*

In the most trendy topic of the season, this episode we’re talking about setting goals for the next year, and some things we’ve learned this past year about our own goals. In this episode we’re breaking down goals, visions, dreams, strategic action plans…whatever you want to call them, you need them!

Here’s the scoop from episode #39:
  • Doing a one year plan can be unrealistic, it’s easy to procrastinate and it doesn’t account for all the change that happens in a year
  • Why we love the idea of a 12 week plan: this is where the magic has happened for us
  • What is the 12 week year, where did it come from, and why does it work so well
  • You need a tool to be constantly measuring your progress: having a 12 month goal can be hard to see and stay excited about
  • Before you can plan or do anything, you have to get really clear and own the goals you want to complete
  • While your business goals are really important, make sure you pay attention to you ‘feeling’ goals: we share what this is and why it’s necessary
  • Start thinking of your business long term: how will this feel in the long run? Set your goals based on the journey

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