Episode 40: The Roadmap to Services Business Success for 2017

Being a services business owner means you’re in charge of all of the big decisions about how to run your business. Click through to check out the roadmap to services business success so you can accomplish your big goals and be more productive


We’re kicking off a brand new season and talking about the roadmap to services business success – and how getting where you want to go may be simpler than you realize.

Here’s the scoop from episode #40:
  • Does having a realistic plan mean you’re selling yourself short? Brittany explains why not
  • When setting a plan, make sure you know what ‘full’ looks like for you in your client roster
  • A lot of us like to leave to chance where our next clients will come from, we’re tackling it head on
  • The more you can build client finding into your everyday baseline, the easier it will be moving forward
  • If you are having a freak out moment when someone says ‘yes’ to working with you, it’s time to get some systems in place
  • Time management is definitely part of getting yourself on the road to success and we’re talking about it
  • If you are always doing client work and not working on your business, you will not have time to grow
  • If you are struggling with what to do for your business, start with a running list. Maggie explains what that may look like for you
  • We’re talking about what’s upcoming in Season 2 of the Inside Scoop

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