Episode 42: Services Business Math – 4 Numbers You Need to Know

Being a services business owner means being concerned about your bottom line. So how’s your services business math? *Pin this post to read about how we break down the big numbers to make your biz math add up*


Let’s get real about the numbers. And we’re not talking about how much money you’re making but the other key numbers you need to know to make your services business work. Get out your calculator and let’s get going!

Here’s the scoop from episode #42:
  • We talk about what these numbers are and why they are so important
  • As much as you want to, you can’t ignore the numbers in your business
  • In the first year or two of your business, it’s common to shy away from the numbers, we’re talking about how to start implementing the math into your business
  • Your rice and beans budget is different for everyone, we explain why and how to figure yours out
  • You need to know how much it costs to run your business, this is where we see people get so off track
  • We’re talking about being a smart and savvy consumer when it comes to buying things for your business and how to do it
  • How exactly do you track these expenses? We’re talking about how to do it simply
  • If you have a gap between what you spend and what you need to make, you need to either spend less or make more
  • We’re talking about some important client numbers as a services based business owner
  • The client numbers, such as how much it costs to obtain a client, can take a while to figure out. If you start tracking them now, you will see it pay off

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