Episode 43: Finding Clients for Your Services Business

Check out our latest podcast episode to hear our tips on how to find the right clients for your business even if you’re just getting started.

If there’s one thing you need for your services business it’s clients…so you need to be able to find clients for your business consistently and without killing yourself in the process. In the world of “client attraction” which makes it sound like magic, how do you actually find those clients? We’re breaking that down in this episode of the show.

Here’s the scoop from episode #43:
  • When you have a consistent focus on finding new clients, that’s when the magic happens
  • We have an exercise for you: write down the name of your last 5 clients and where they came from. this is an indicator of where you should be looking for clients
  • To take your expertise further, consider getting certified in something
  • Show up and be helpful in your community, don’t just try to sell your stuff. This helps people like you and think of you in the future
  • Make it priority to think about how you can delivery results to your clients and have a reputation of excellence in your business
  • Try to make it easy to work with you: finding clients is only half the battle, you have to get them to yes and then keep them happy!
  • Make sure it’s easy for your clients to communicate with you, we explain how and why
  • Part of your finding clients process needs to be pre-qualification. You need to protect your time
  • We talk about what to include for you and for the potential client in your pre-qualification process

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