Episode 47: The Guide to Launching Your Services

Newsflash: Launching isn’t just for products and programs. You can launch your new or existing services too! Pin this post to get the inside scoop on how to launch your services and our favorite ways to get booked out. https://scoopindustries.com/episode47/


Do you think that launching is just for courses or programs? No way! You can launch your services business and get big results.In this episode we are talking about how to launch your different services and our favorite ways to get booked out.    

Here’s the scoop from episode #47:
  • You don’t need a course to launch your services – yay! 
  • Launching your services is best when you have a small, but powerful, email list. (Even with teeny list!) 
  • The #1 time to launch a service is when you have a new signature service, or suite of services.
  • Another time to launch is when the well is a little dry and you need clients to fill up your client roster. 
  • Play with ways to sweeten the pot to get people to book – play with pricing or have free add-ons. (But don’t sound desperate – keep it classy.) 
  • Consider launching if your work is seasonal – accountants at tax time, horoscopes around full moons, etc.
  • Some ideas on how to launch: 
    • Develop an opt-in funnel that’s tied into what you are offering.
    • Create an email campaign targeted at the people already on your list (assuming that there is already a consistent rhythm of communicating with them).
    • If you have a blog, podcast, newsletter, etc., create new content for those and add an invitation at the end to your offer.
    • Share on social media for those who are not on your email list.
    • Use the fastest and most effective way – a personal invite by email.   (This is our most favorite way!) 

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