Episode 48: When Should You Hire?

What happens when as small business owner you hit that wall where you have more work than you can handle? Hiring some extra help probably sounds great, but you need to weigh your pros and cons. *Pin this post to get the inside scoop on when you should should hire, the big questions you should answer before you hire and how to make sure the timing is right* https://scoopindustries.com/episode48/


Hiring can seem like the answer to all of your problems, but is hiring really the answer? When is the right time to hire? What things do you need to be ready for? In this episode we’re going behind-the-scenes talking about hiring for your business.

Here’s the scoop from episode #48:
  • Is hiring really the answer? You need to look at why you really want to hire- understanding your why is key.
  • You need to assess whether the cost will be worth it – what sort of things will this person be doing and is it cost effective
  • Can you find the right person?  Does this person exist or are you being unrealistic?
  • Do you have things set up in the right way for you to hire someone? Do you have processes in place for the work you do? You can’t really hire until that’s in place.
  • Hiring should not mean you are creating tasks for the sake of having your employee have something to do all day.
  • Hiring the wrong person costs you money AND your sanity.
  • Hiring can seem like the answer to all your problems, but before you do, make sure it is right answer.


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