Episode 49: Changing Direction in your Business

Sometimes in business the best thing is to scrap all the plans and start over. But when you run a services biz, how do you change direction or press reset while still looking professional? *Pin this post to get some tips and hear our latest podcast news* https://scoopindustries.com/episode49/ ‎


Sometimes you need to change direction or press the reset button. But how do you do that without it looking like a hot mess from the outside? We tackle that exact question today as well as sharing a reset that impacts you as a listener of this show.

Speaking of changes, starting today, the Inside Scoop podcast will be called the Services Business Success show. Listen to find out why!

So…what does this change? Not much! You’ll notice new cover art and naming for the shows, and that’s about it. If anything, this cements our focus on you, the service business owner for the long haul.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #49:
  • Keep changes factual, you don’t have to explain
  • Be careful about what you do and don’t share as things evolve
  • Realize that people aren’t paying all that much attention to you
  • Avoid the temptation to dish up all the details and your rationale – own your decisions

And if you have missed any podcasts and want to get caught up, you can find all of our previous episodes on our new Podcast Hub.

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