Episode 5: How to Create Profitable Packages


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If there’s one thing that stands between good and great in a services-based business, it’s packages. We break down what you need to know about creating a package and why it can be the thing that makes the biggest difference for your sanity and profitability in the long run.

Here’s the scoop from episode #5:
  • Doing custom proposals may not matter as much as you think
  • Packaging your services is very important and can be misunderstood, we explain how to do it right
  • Even if you’re new to business, you’ll see that you end up writing the same proposal over and over again; packaging your services is so much easier
  • Packaging your services really does all the heavy lifting for you; it gets your clients 80% of the way to ‘yes’
  • You can always customize a package; think of the package as the burger that you’re going to build your combo meal around
  • Writing custom proposals can be such a time suck and energy suck
  • A great package is not just slapped together; a lot of research and trial and error should go into it to make sure it’s exactly what your audience wants
  • Your packages are not ever actually done, you will constantly refine it over time as you gain experience and client feedback
  • We share some packages we have had and still have and how they evolved and continue to evolve
  • Making your packages clear and contained will be much appreciated by your clients: they want to know exactly what is included and what isn’t
  • The clients we have really strong boundaries with are our best clients in both directions
  • As you’re thinking about putting together or refining packages, really think about what you enjoy doing and what feels good for you
  • There may be a point in your business where you have to let packages that are still profitable and popular go because it’s not aligned with what you do or what you like to do
  • You should always be on the lookout for new packages based on clients asking for the same thing over and over
  • We talk about how you actually get to a great package
Questions to ask yourself when creating your packages:
  • Who is this for? And sometimes, just as important, who is this not for?
  • What unique experience/perspective/skills/results/etc. Do you have to make you the best choice for this job?
  • Don’t feel like you have to put exact numbers and specifics around things; use words like ‘up to…’ etc.
  • How will the packages be delivered? Do you put them on your website or do they see them after a call with you?
  • How will you deliver the actual services to the client?
  • What are the benefits the client will receive from your package?
  • What is the outcome clause? Make sure this is in your contracts no matter what

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