Episode 51: Why Retainers Rock

Looking for ways to create stable, ongoing income for your services business? *Pin this post to find out why retainers totally rock and may be just the solution you are looking for* https://scoopindustries.com/episode51/

Running a services business means you’ve got ups and downs when it comes to your client work so you’re always looking for ways to create stable, ongoing income. Enter retainers. In this episode, we’re going to chat about retainers for services and why they rock.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #51:
  • Retainers. If there’s one thing we LOVE as a service business owner it’s retainer work.
  • While it often gets a bad rap, it’s incredibly powerful on many levels, so we’re going to talk about the good (and a bit of bad) about retainers.
  • Retainers offer stability – if the bills are taken care of, then you can avoid the “feast or famine” cycle and can plan accordingly.  Best of all, you are freed up to do the fun and creative stuff!
  • Retainers provide consistency  – you get to know your clients and their business.  That means you can see opportunities and be even more value-added!  And who doesn’t love that.
  • Retainers are efficient – there’s so much less back and forth when your clients know – and most importantly, trust – you,  your systems and processes, and ultimately, your advice.
  • Your biggest retainer clients are your biggest fans – and will drive the most referrals. Not to mention more upsell opportunities. Really.  
  • Find out some things you may not know (and really should!) about this valuable tool.
  • We do some myth-busting. Things like “do retainers have to be hours-based?”  “Are you trading time for dollars?”  The answer is nope.  Find out why! 
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