Episode 53: Why Being a Practitioner Matters

In the crazypants online world, being a practitioner is seriously undervalued, when in fact, it’s actually your greatest asset. *Check out this week’s episode where we dive into how not to lose sight of what matters the most - your skills, experience and talents.*

Should you chuck it all in and create a course? Are you crazy for running a services business? Or maybe you should just teach people to do what you do?

In this episode, we’re getting real about the online world and why being a practitioner is seriously undervalued, and actually the most important asset you have. We want to dive into what’s going on in this crazy pants online world, and show how not to lose sight of what matters the most – your skills, experience, and talents.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #53:
  • In every industry, there are pretenders and people who simply aren’t qualified. Don’t worry, people will learn the hard way not to work with them because there’s a big difference between reading about something and doing it…and actually doing it. Experience matters.
  • Remember – services are not going away.  Whether you are a doctor, law enforcement officer, or a barista – your service will ALWAYS be needed.  As long as you take the time to get good at it.
  • Building a business takes time and skill, there’s nothing wrong if you’re not able to do it quickly.  Check out Gary V (if you can handle the language) for great reassurance on taking your time to be a true practitioner.
  • When you run a services business, your skills are critical and you need to be on top of what’s happening now – that’s how you make yourself the most valuable.
  • The upside of being a practitioner: You’re not doing things based in theory, but experience and you will always have those skills – they won’t go away. You can get actual results and as a result, you can command top prices
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