Episode 6: Pricing Advice You Can Take to the Bank


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Pricing advice is the worst! It’s often so general that you’re not entirely sure what to do with it or so ridiculous that you’ve got a million and one objections to it. In this episode, we’re talking about pricing in a tangible, practical way you can actually use for your services-based business.

Here’s the scoop from episode #6:
  • We talk about the people who brag about charging really large amounts of money for their packages but who never actually sell anything at that price
  • The more commoditized your service is, the harder it will be to demand premium pricing unless you bring something specific to your approach
  • The more specialized your skill set is, the higher price you can charge
  • We talk about the advice: ‘charge what you’re worth’ and why we aren’t fans of it
  • Your pricing is one of the strongest pieces of messaging you have; it needs to be in line with your overall positioning, branding, and feel
  • We talk about how to use your customer base to dictate your pricing
  • Think about what actually goes into your package, not just the time you spend on the phone or with the client
  • Take into account the time cost of the running, marketing, organizing, etc. of your business
  • You may need to start with a lower price and raise it over time as you build up your business
  • There’s a difference between copying someone and doing your research, we explain
  • If you are bold enough to price premium, you need to back it up and deliver; and you don’t need to apologize for it
  • If every single proposal or potential client you talk to is a ‘yes’, your pricing is too low
  • You’re not running a charity, pay yourself first

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