Episode 62: Magic Words to Close More Clients

Selling without feeling pushy is a skill. In this episode, we’re helping you find the magic words to close more clients. *Pin this post for later*


Many of us have the idea that sales are hard or that we’re not good at them. But like so many things in our business, learning how to sell is a skill you can acquire. In this episode, we’re kicking off a new series all about sales and your services business. We get the party started with magic words to help you close more clients.  

Here’s the scoop from Episode #62:

Time and time again we’ve heard from our Small Business Boss Society members that sales conversations are a challenge. What if you had some “magic” words to help make those conversations so much easier? Phrases you could use to help get a yes without you avoiding it OR feeling pushy. If what you have works for you currently, great stick with it. But if you’re looking for a new tool or two to make your process better, you may want to try out one of our favourites:

Feeling Pushy

We know all about this and it can definitely be a struggle. There are some key elements to help you be confident in your close.

  • Know that what you’re offering can really help them. Not telling them what you offer and what it costs is actually doing them a disservice.  Your services are valuable so tell them why.
  • Have a plan and know what the next steps are. If you’re not clear on this, spend some time figuring it out before your package.  Get comfortable with the language and write everything out. Give them the options, but be honest if you can’t help them. That will help with your comfort level.
  • It needs to be natural and sound like you – not like you’re actually reading a script but more like talking points.
The Magic Phrases We Like to Use: 
  • If you’re ready to go, we can book this for X date and get started by Y date.
  • All I need is a yes and we can get this booked.
  • Offer to find a date on the calendar for them while you’re on the phone.
  • In order to meet your desired timeline, we’d need to get this started by X. I will send you the invoice right away and we can get going.
  • We have X more spots next month to get started, we can get your kick off call on the calendar as soon as next week/later this week/next Tuesday.
  • I took a look at our overall project calendar and we have a spot later in X month.

Bottomline, review your closes and work on sounding confident in your closes.  Let them know you are great at what you do and have a clear vision at to how you can help them. This wraps up our kickoff episode. Join us next week for a brand new episode in our all about sales series!  Check out our Express Podcasts too!


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