Episode 67: Planning Your Month for Success

When it comes to planning we often look at our weeks or the whole quarter, which makes it far too easy for an entire month to slip by. Check out these tips on the benefits of monthly planning to help supercharge your success. *Pin this post for later*

If you want to supercharge your performance, there are lots of ways to go about it, but in this episode, we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to make each of the 12 months of the year more productive.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #67:

It’s easy to get swept away and for another month to fly by and not get what you wanted done….when you don’t have a plan. Which is why we’re focusing on planning your month. Sure you plan your quarter or your week, but our months often get overlooked.  

What to do to plan your months:
  • Look at your life priorities:  Carve out the time for your “big rocks” like activities for your kids, vacation, surgery, travel (for business or pleasure), etc. Figure out the non-negotiables and put those in your calendar in advance.
  • Health: This looks different for everyone, but if you don’t take care of you, you won’t be able to do this very long. Move, eat well, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, plan your menu, meditation – all the basics but oh so important.
  • Check in on your biz priorities: This is to recalibrate as you go.  Don’t just set a priority at the beginning of the quarter, and then forget about it. Check out Episode 66 for more details on setting goals and readjusting as necessary.
  • Seasonal moods: If you want to be a little lazy in summer, just work it into your plan. Want to take Fridays off to enjoy the sunshine, work it in. If getting up early in January is hard for you – work that in. Everything is a season.
  • Schedule your days to work on your business: This can be scary if you haven’t done this.  Start with half days if you need to. This is where you focus on your goals, processes, bookkeeping, etc.  Planning for this will ensure you don’t derail your schedule.  
  • Establish client priorities and deadlines: Understand what your clients’ real needs are that month.  Do they have key deadlines or deliverables that month?  Are they going on vacation or going to be away?  Those will affect your work.
  • Build in time to reflect back so you have a clear way forward: Spend some time looking back on the previous month, understanding what worked well and what didn’t; what caused anxiety, etc.  This will help you plan ahead with confidence and clear actions.  Don’t beat yourself up – it is about reflecting and learning.

In our next episode, we will go deeper into how to create your ideal week – one of our favourite things to do! Be sure to join us for that!

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