Episode 75: Owning Your Value as a Small Business Boss

While it takes confidence to run a small business, we all still have days where we feel like an imposter. “Fake it ‘til you make it” can carry you a long way, but what if you just stop pretending and embraced the awesome of you and your biz? Check out this week’s episode for how to feel like a boss 24/7 and own your value as a small business boss. https://scoopindustries.com/episode-75/ ‎


Do you feel like some days you’re THE BOSS, and other days you’re pretending? You’re not alone! In this episode we’re digging into how to own your value as a small business boss so you’re always feeling like the boss.



Here’s the scoop from Episode #75:

The title of boss comes with some serious expectations. And sometimes feeling like a boss can be a challenge. So we want to talk about some specific ways on how to actually own your value and feel like the boss you are 24/7.

Get clear on your message:
  • We can get complacent and assume that people know what you do.
  • Know how to articulate what you do in writing and in person in a way that resonates with your audience so that they get it.  This will get the conversation going.
  • Also recognize that sharing what you do with not only potential clients, but with potential ambassadors for you business is equally important.  The person you are talking to may not have a need for your services, but someone they know might.
  • You never know where your business might come from.
Understand the REAL value you deliver to your clients:
  • Cultivate a few stories that showcase that you know what you’re doing. You aren’t’ just doing a report, you are helping a client get a fuller understanding of what is going on in their business (or whatever it is that the ultimate result of the report will provide) to help save time or money.
  • Dig below the surface – what’s the benefit, what’s the real impact of what you do – that is the info that you share with people. Have those anecdotes ready to share on what great results you have achieved for clients in the past.


Let your clients speak for you
  • Let your clients do the talking for you – testimonials, case studies – social proof MATTERS and you need to cultivate that.
  • We all check reviews and testimonials before we buy a product or hire a contractor so make sure you have recent ones along with case studies, etc.. Studies show that people are more motivated by social proof than they are by a discount.  That’s huge!
  • Get your clients to refer you – nothing makes you feel more boss.  Even if that means helping them know how to do that.
  • And don’t forget to ask for a testimonial!  We have an excellent Testimonials Biz Kit over at the Small Business Boss Society if you want to check us out!
Get your Imposter Complex handled:
  • What’s an Imposter Complex?  Well, you know that feeling that you’re faking and someone will find out? That’s Impostor Complex.
  • Having it is actually a good thing – it means you care and are a high performer.
  • Slackers don’t have this – they might have the Over-Inflated Ego Complex (and we know that you know what we are talking about!) but they definitely don’t think they do anything wrong.
  • To own your value, you need to do the work to understand that you’re uniquely qualified and that you need to show up, be visible and do the work
  • We know – we’ve been there. We have both experienced this in both our professional and personal lives. (Parents – you know what we mean!)  It shows up differently for everyone. You need to do the work to manage this and get past this. It is not a truth and if you keep showing up and doing the work and getting out there, you will get past it and get more confident. Ignoring it will not work, just like pants that are too small.  It will be uncomfortable.  So talk about it!

Thanks for listening and we will be back next week talking about “overwhelm”.

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