52 Ideas for Blog Posts (For When You Have No Idea What to Write)

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We’ve all been there. You NEED to publish a blog post, but the ideas just aren’t flowing.

You’re sitting at your laptop staring at the cursor for way too long.

It’s decision time. You either come up with something to just get the job done OR you call it quits and don’t blog again for another week.

Either way, you’ve got a blogging problem. In scenario #1, you’re creating content but you’re not necessarily creating the highest quality post or connecting with your readers the way you could.

In scenario #2 the lack of consistency is also a challenge because if you’re not regularly posting, you’re missing out on an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, expertise and all the rockin’ things you’ve got going on.

Listen, I totally get it. You’re running a business, and blogging is just one thing on your plate. If you were just running a blog, you would have all your content locked and loaded, but you’ve got clients to serve and work to do.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration! I’ve created a list of 52 ideas to kickstart your imagination and find the perfect idea for your next post.

Here are 52 blog post ideas to get you started – one for each week of the year:

Lessons Learned

As a business owner, you’re learning lessons every single day. All of these are lessons that your readers would love to hear and can help position you as a leader who’s the real deal.

  1. You wish you knew about _________________
  2. Your biggest business lesson learned
  3. Something you’ve learned in the last year
  4. The one thing nobody tells you about _____________
  5. X unexpected Lessons from ______________
  6. X things you wish you knew before _______
  7. X tips I learned from ________________
  8. X lessons learned from working a 9 to 5
  9. X lessons from ___________
  10. The best advice I ever received on _______________
Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t like a bite-sized piece of inspiration or an idea you can take away and apply right away? There’s no shortage of ways to bust out your best tips, tricks and ideas to wow your readers.

    1. X simple ideas to _______________
    2. X ways to grow your ______________
    3. Your best tips for _____________
    4. X strategies to simplify ________________
    5. My X most popular posts
    6. X places you get inspiration
    7. X pro tips to ___________________
    8. The 10 minute fix to doing ________________
    9. How-to start doing ______________
    10. X things I learned at _______________ event

  Your Favorites

We live in a culture obsessed with referrals, so what can you do to share your insight and recommendation with your audience? Favorite-driven posts help you provide value and showcase things you love.

      1. My favorite business books
      2. My favorite business resources
      3. My favorite podcasts
      4. My go-to tools for _____________
      5. My review of _____________
      6. My X favorite quotes on _____________
      7. My X favorite blogs for ____________
      8. X favorite things you may not know about ________
      9. X cool apps I use everyday
      10. My favorite ______________
      11. My X least favorite things about ___________
Running Your Business

You’re running a business, so you need to share what that’s all about. After all, you want your readers to do business with you! Give them a taste of what you’re all about with these types of posts:

      1. Your process behind-the-scenes
      2. Critical elements of a ____________________
      3. The art of ____________
      4. Answer the top three questions from your community or customers
      5. The biggest mistake you’ve made in your business
      6. My X biggest regrets on __________
      7. How I became a successful ___________
      8. X things I mastered to grow my business
      9. X business hacks that _________ me __________
      10. X ideas to ________________ your business
      11. How you got started ____________
      12. X things I stopped doing to grow my business
About Your Industry

Your business doesn’t operate in isolation, you’re part of a larger ecosystem! Share your views, opinions and insights on what’s what in your industry. And don’t be afraid to be a bit polarizing.  People gravitate towards (and do business with ) people or companies who stand for something.

      1. X things you want to see change in your industry
      2. Why you should stop ignoring your ________________
      3. The 1 simple rule to ______________
      4. X innovative ideas for ________________
      5. The _______thing that scares me about ___________
      6. X things every business owner needs to master
      7. X practices to avoid as a _________________
      8. X industry trends to ignore
      9. X emerging trends you need to pay attention to

There you have it! Never again will you struggle for a blog post idea.

The Recap: Get Your Ideas Together

Take these ideas and use them as a jumping off point for more ideas and spend some time getting organized! Great blogging starts with having a game plan, so take these ideas and create a content calendar to help keep you on track.


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