Sales Page Success Strategies for Selling Your Services



For many years in my business, I didn’t have a website, or packages, and all the work I did was done by charging by the hour.

That was great for a long time, until it wasn’t so awesome and I knew that for me to be able to grow my business, I had to do a better job of selling my services.

When it comes to you selling your services, you need a sales page. That’s right a sales page. Not a page that outlines the basics, but an actual sales page that helps you actually sell your services.

Sales pages aren’t just for programs or courses, they are a must-have for your services too.

Why? A services sales page helps you share what you can do, answer any questions, position you as the right person for the job and have people ready to buy.

Not convinced? This summer I closed a large copywriting project after a less than 10 minute chat on Skype because the sales page had my client ready to buy. She was convinced already and speaking with me was really just a formality.

That’s the magic of a services sales page. When done right, your service will pretty much sell itself.

But not all sales pages are created equal. There’s a big difference between a sales page and a successful sales page that gets people to book consults and has them ready to pay you to solve their problem.

Here are some of my favorite success strategies for sales pages that sell your services:

Know Exactly Who Your Client Is

This is copywriting rule #1, no matter what! If you’re trying to sell a service and you don’t know exactly who the service is for and clearly understand what your target needs, wants or is looking for…you’re going to run into problems.

Before you create your service, and before you write a services sales page, take the time to actually learn about your client. Talk to people who are your potential clients to see what you can learn. Listen to what people tell you about their problems so you have a handle on what matters to them and where exactly you come into the equation.

Then, and only then, should you create a sales page for your service as you’ll know how to position your service and hook your reader so they are ready to learn more.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

As a service provider, we can get really wrapped up in things like how long the call is or the report they get when we’re done, when that’s not what people actually care about.

What your potential client really wants to know is the benefit or result they’ll get from working with you. They want to know what their “after” picture will look like.

Features tell them about the service, while benefits are what sells it. No one is hiring you for a PDF, but they may be hiring you for the amazing strategy that will help them grow their business by X%, that you’re going to share in that PDF.  Focus on tangible outcomes, not just what people get from you.

Let Someone Else Say You’re Awesome

Yes,  you need to talk about why you’re uniquely qualified to offer this service and the results you’ve been able to get….but you’re hopelessly biased. This is why you need some backup!

You need other ways to “prove” that you are what you say you are, and can do what you say you can do, with a third party vote of confidence.

For a sales page, testimonials that speak to benefits and results are going to make the most impact. Saying you were nice to work with or professional is only part of the story and isn’t going to convince anyone.

You may need to get creative with your testimonials by using them from people who can speak to similar services or other scenarios where you’ve done comparable work.

Share the Price of Your Service

A big question when it comes to sales pages for services is if you should put your price on your sales page. I’ve personally heard every reason possible for why you shouldn’t and I’ve yet to be convinced otherwise.

My take is that when you don’t include a price on a sales page, you’re creating uncertainty. Now your would-be client doesn’t have any clue about how much it costs and their brain goes into hyperspeed thinking they can’t afford it, that there’s something weird, or that they don’t know if they can trust you.

When you don’t know how much something costs, you’re put at a disadvantage which is not how you want to start things off with someone looking to hire you. Leave the mysteries to Scooby Doo and the gang and just put the flippin’ price on your sales page.

If the price may vary, try using something along the lines of “Pricing for this service starts at…” That at least lets people know if they are in the range or if this is something that’s simply out of reach.

Tell Them What to Do Next

With your services sales page, your goal is to get people to the next step whether that be booking a consult or buying that service. So don’t leave them confused or make them guess what happens next.

Clearly articulate what they should do next so they can see that next step unfolding. You literally need to spell out the steps of what they should do so there’s no friction and they decide it’s too much work.

Often with services pages, I will go so far as to say “here’s what happens once you book this service” and then have numbered steps so they feel secure and comfortable with making this decision. Anything you can do to remove resistance will help you get more people to book or buy!

Use these sales page success strategies to create services pages that help you get booked and have people buying your services.

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