Every day you’re out there hustling with your marketing, your social media…yet something just isn’t working. You’ve taken the courses and followed the formula and it’s all kinds of off. It feels icky and out of alignment with who you are and what you do.

You can “do” everything right and keep fighting an uphill battle, but the sad truth is that it won’t be effective without the right messages in place.

Without the special something, something, nothing you do is going to make a damn bit of difference. That special something is you and your story.

No matter what kind of marketing you’re doing – from copywriting to your website to your PR or social media – it needs to be driven by sharing stories.

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Which is where the The Story Distillery℠ comes in. It is designed to help entrepreneurs who understand that their real problem isn’t their competition. It’s obscurity.

If no one knows about you and what you do – they can’t work with you. Stories are the way to bridge that gap and attract the right customers to your business by being unique and different.

Fun Fact: Scientific studies have shown that stories actually override the rational centre of the brain. When you tell a story, you short circuit objections and make people connect with you in a very real, human way.

Which is why corporations and big names entrepreneurs spend big bucks on learning how to tell better stories.


The Story Distillery was developed based on 15 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and corporations to help them reach big business goals. It is the foundation of my approach to intelligently crafted communications strategies that focus on tapping into into what you are all about, what makes you tick and how this business came to be.

These stories aren’t creative writing or fairytales. The Story Distillery is focused on being insanely practical so you know what stories to tell, how to tell them and do it all in a way that you can feel confident doing it. No one goes through the method and gets the same result, because your stories are are unique as you are.

If you have a personal brand, or small business, you can’t afford not to be telling stories that help you create connection, rally your community and make people want to do business with you.


The whole idea of storytelling wigs most entrepreneurs out. It feels like you are trying to eat the elephant as you sort through what matters, what doesn’t and what to talk about without feeling like you are completely ridiculous.

The bottomline is that you aren’t sure what stories to tell or if anyone would even care.

The Story Distillery is designed to eliminate the pain and make the process fun.

The underlying philosophy is that you have all the pieces you need, but working together, we distill it into a cohesive, clear message that can’t go wrong.

Think of it like this…you dump all the ingredients into the still, and on the other side you get the finest, highest quality scotch. (Without that whole aging process, you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to let things age!)

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Currently, this is offered as a one-on-one service, which includes:


The Customer Core

This isn’t your typical ideal customer exercise. You’re going to get into their brains in the ways that matter most looking at what motivates them and their triggers.


Your Personal Story

We’ll dig through all of your stories figure out what matters the most and get rid of the rest. This includes looking at your origin story, your hero’s journey and your legacy. Plus, we’ll go deep on what makes you tick so you can present stories and market yourself in a way that feels awesome.


Results + Credibility

Stories won’t sell if you aren’t credible. We’ll craft rock solid, verifiable (non-hype-y) proof for your stories.


Getting Bold + Brazen

Stories need to be memorable and different. You need to take a stand. This is where the magic happens and you’ll learn how to be heard and respected.


Your Story Distillery experience includes:

  • A storytelling workbook before our session to help you get started.
  • A 60-minute call to walk through specific exercises and to get to the heart of your message and stories.
  • Customized research related to your story to ground it in reality. (No fluff here.)
  • When your session and research is completed, you will be sent the Story Distillery Handbook which is your guide for all of your marketing moving ahead. It includes your customized stories, market context, credibility statements along with specifics on YOUR tone and personality. You’ll also get specific recommendation on where to focus your marketing based on your stories.

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As you go through The Story Distillery, it isn’t a self-guided journey. This isn’t another workbook where you’ll fill a bunch of stuff out and try to make sense of it. We’ll be working together one-on-one, I’ll be all up in your story doing research and messaging analysis, and then you’ll get the whole thing handed over to you on a silver platter. (And wrapped up with a bow.)

Once you complete The Story Distillery, you’ll feel confident and have what you need to create a marketing strategy that truly works for you and your business.

No more BS expert ideas, no more you “must” do this – just practical methods that are crafted specifically for you to make your marketing meaningful.


allison-mueller-300x300Working with Maggie has given me confidence that I can actually streamline my approach because I don’t have to be everything to everybody.

I totally recommend Maggie as I felt heard in a way that I haven’t felt before regarding my messaging and she completely got it.

The Story Distillery is impacting my business in a big way as I finally know where to focus, where to communicate and what to communicate.”

Allison Mueller
Big River Coaching


about-brigitte-300x300After The Story Distillery I feel way more confident about the direction of my business and I have a clearer sense of which stories to use and why.

Working with Maggie I saved so much time as she could see the big picture, the holes and what to do about it. Hire her. She’s the real deal to help you catapult your biz to the next level.”

Brigitte Theriault
White Apron Chef


megan-flatt1Maggie has this uncanny ability to crawl inside your head and pull out exactly the words you need to say to get your message across. The Story Distillery was this and more. Maggie took all these pieces of my 37 years that seems disjointed and wove them into not only a clear story, but a compelling story that seemed like it was planned all along.

Anyone who needs to get clear on how their big pictures ties into their current career, get specific on who they serve and then how they can explain that, needs Maggie.”

Megan Flatt
Business Coach


MindyCrary_Headshot_2007-300x300From the moment we got on the call I immediately was reassured that even though I didn’t know all of the answers in my homework, YOU did…I just felt like you had all of the answers and I could just sit back and let you tell me what to do! I was able to just surrender to the process because in relatively little time, you totally “got” me and my business.

Since our session, I’ve used The Story Distillery with many of the people I work with and it’s now my go-to for when I need messaging or a starting place for content. I absolutely recommend Maggie and The Story Distillery.”

Mindy Crary
Creative Money


From our first conversation Maggie impressed me by the questions that she asked. Not only did the questions instill confidence in me that she was going to thoroughly understand my position in my market, they brought to light aspects of my business that I had been too overwhelmed to focus on. Seeing my own business from an outside perspective was invaluable.

The Story Distillery spelled out in great detail the strengths and weaknesses of my industry and target market and showed how I could speak into and stand out in a noisy space.

I’m now able to I will use the information from The Story Distillery to create unique content for my audience and hone my landing pages.”

Rebekah Wallace
White Rabbit Weddings