Episode 18: Maggie Patterson on Why She Loves Working with Clients

Pin this + listen to the first in a series of open and honest interviews with service-based entrepreneurs. In this interview, Scoop Industries co-founder Maggie Patterson is interviewed by her fellow co-founder Brittany Becher, talking about Maggie’s biggest challenges, why she loves working with clients 1:1, how she’s handled some sticky situations, and her go-to places for inspiration online.

Today we’re turning the tables and Brittany is interviewing Maggie to kick off a new series that takes you behind the curtain of how people run their services-based businesses. Maggie shares her biggest challenges, favorite thing about working with clients and guilty pleasures.

Here’s the scoop from episode #18:
  • Maggie tells us about her business and who she serves
  • Maggie also shares how she started as an online entrepreneur and how she’s evolved over the years in her business
  • We talk about how and why we were drawn to a partnership and how and why it works for us
  • Maggie shares the biggest challenges she has faced in her years of business
  • We talk about our recent mantra of ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ and how it applies to Maggie’s approach to running her business
  • Maggie shares her favorite things about working with clients and why
  • Working in an online business with clients keeps your ‘ear to the ground’; you are constantly up to date with what’s happening in the online world
  • Maggie shares how she balances working ‘on her business’ with working ‘in her business’ and how this is a work in progress for her
  • Maggie shares how she blocks her time each week and why it works for her, she shares some ways you can apply it to your own business
  • We find out Maggie’s guilty pleasure and how she uses it to take a break from work
  • Maggie shares some sticky and tricky client situations she’s had and how she handled them
  • When going through a sticky client situation, Maggie reminds us to show yourself some kindness and why this is important going forward in your business
  • Maggie shares her go to inspiration places in the online business world

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