Episode 44: Managing Productivity When You Work with Clients

We all start the week with the best of intentions. Monday morning you’re armed with your to-do list and ready to make things happen. The next thing you know it’s Wednesday and you’ve spent the last 2 days putting out fires for your clients. So what’s a services biz owner to do? How do you balance client work with the work of actually running your biz? Hear our key strategies on managing productivity when you work with clients.


Has this ever happened to you? You’ve carefully planned your week, and it’s going to be the best week ever…but then client priorities take over and next thing you know you’ve gone from productive to parked with working ON your business. In this episode we’re sharing our best tips from years of working with clients to protect your productivity!

Here’s the scoop from episode #44:
  • As a services based business owner, how you manage your time is what keeps you sane
  • This tends to be the time of year that we get so engrossed in client stuff we move away from working on our business
  • Starting over can happen any day, you can always start fresh
  • Using a brain dump can be critical, Brittany explains how and why she uses it
  • If you want to be more productive, raise your prices. Maggie is sharing all the ways this is helpful and how to accomplish it
  • Focus is so hard to grasp onto these days, but there are tools you can use to help based on how you operate. We’re sharing some that have worked for us
  • One of the biggest complaints of service based business owners is that we don’t have time to work on our business, you need to choose a date or time and protect it fiercely; don’t always put your self last on the list
  • We’re obsessed with buffer zones! We’re sharing what it is and how we use it
  • We cannot do as much as we think, we’re talking about setting yourself up to be successful by adding padding when necessary
  • If you end up with extra time, it’s easy to try and jam something into that spot and stress yourself out more
  • Learning to be able to discern between what’s actually urgent versus what’s important can help you gain the perspective you need

Links from this episode:
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