Episode 21: Speaking for Impact and Rebellious Acts with Michelle Mazur

*Pin This* Going full-time in your biz and leaving your 9 to 5 can be a big leap of faith. Hear how Michelle made it happen, how she runs her business and how she keeps it real as she grows her business. She shares tips on speaking, building your online business and more -

In this episode we go behind-the-scenes of Dr. Michelle Mazur’s business Communication Rebel where she helps people create breakthrough messages and turn their speech into a product. Michelle gets real about bucking the status quo, why she went into business and how she doesn’t fall into the trap of comparison.

Here’s the scoop from episode #21:
  • Michelle shares what her business is, what she does, and who she serves
  • Michelle shares how she started her business and then was able to go full time with it and quit her day job
  • We learn the real reason that sparked Michelle to start her business in the first place
  • Michelle shares her business model right now and how she makes money
  • Working with clients is obviously important to us in the services based industry, Michelle shares her favorite part of working with clients
  • Hindsight is 20/20, we learn the things Michelle wishes she had known when starting her business in the first place
  • You can use the things you’ve learned from experience to guide how you start working with your clients: set the expectations early and let them know what’s ahead
  • How do you balance everything in your business, from taking client calls to back-end business stuff? Michelle shares her strategies
  • You are the boss of your business, you are in charge of making the time to work on things important to the business that don’t involve client work
  • What does Michelle do to reset when she needs to pull herself out of the imposter complex or other things that shake her confidence
  • It’s much easier to recognize our failures versus our achievements; once you start acknowledging your own success you can skyrocket
  • Michelle tells us why she wrote a book and what it’s about

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