Episode 45: Stand Your Ground, Save Your Sanity When Working with Clients

Being of service to your clients can be can be tricky...you want to be helpful and of service, but you can go overboard. Picking your battles is key, but how do you know which issues are worth the time and energy to push back on? Listen in to hear ideas on how to stand your ground and save your sanity in the process.


The word “serve” is part of the word services…so when you run a services business it’s easy for service to quickly turn into doormat, people pleaser, YES woman or some other thing that helps make you lose your marbles…In this episode we’re talking about ways to save your sanity and be of service, while being exceptional at what you do.

 Here’s the scoop from episode #45:

• Being of service can be tricky. You want to be helpful and of service, but you can go overboard.
• This is often because you are either a people-pleaser, fearful of saying no, or even just a fact of taking on a wrong client.
• It’s up to you to do better screening up front. Look for triggers – are there things you don’t like/respect upfront, or if you just have a feeling, listen to your gut.
• Surefire signs they aren’t the right client for you: You go out of your way not to talk to them, you get hostile with them, you dread Mondays because of certain projects or clients.
• Be kind and of service, but also be firm on your rules of engagement.
• There are some battles that are just not worth it, but decide which ones are. These can vary from client to client, but that is up to you.
• Do a reset and communicate clear boundaries – focus on your biggest issues first. You never know, those changes might fix everything else.
• Stick to these boundaries for all your clients, including new ones.
• Reinforce good behaviour – everybody likes to hear when they have done something good!
• Don’t be afraid to say no. The more you do it, the better you will be at it.
• Stick to your hours of business – you made them for a reason.
• In summary – stand your ground!! You will be happier and ultimately it will be better for your business.

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