Episode 52: The Power of In Person

Running a biz from home often means a lot of solo time which can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes putting on real pants can seem like a lot of work. *Check out this episode where we are breaking down the power meeting up in person* https://scoopindustries.com/episode52/

For most of us, running our own business means working from home and spending a lot of time alone. While a Skype call and chatting with your pets may break up the day, this solo thing can be a big challenge. In this episode we’re talking about putting pants on and leaving your house…and why it should be a big priority.

We’re not talking about hanging out in online communities – by in-person we mean face-to-face, where you can see people and form real connections. So – let’s talk about how to make these in-person meetups, with real-life people, happen!

Here’s the scoop from Episode #52:
  • Conferences – big international ones or smaller local ones, are a great way to connect with not just potential clients, but fellow business owners who can become valuable resources for you.  There are lots out there for both your budget and your stage in life.
  • Local events –  if conferences aren’t possible for you, there are lots of local events for you.  Check local connections like Chambers of Commerce, coffee shops, work spaces, women’s groups, etc.
  • Arrange a Meetup –  if you don’t know about Meetup, check it out.  There are lots of opportunities to bring online relationships to online connections.  There are more people near you than you think!
  • Mastermind groups – either join or start one of your own.  You will already know these people a little bit beforehand and these are fantastic opportunities to dig deep and learn lots.  Make sure you have a video and/or in person component!
  • Coffee dates – invite that person in your online group for coffee (either with video or in person) and plan your questions in advance.  Not everyday, but set up a schedule that works for you!
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