Episode 56: Hustle Free Ways to Improve Your Business

Check out these hustle free ways to improve your business *Pin for later*


While there’s definitely a time to hustle hard in your business, you simply can’t hustle ALL the time. But how do you keep improving when you’re not in hustle mode? We’re sharing some proven hustle-free ways to keep optimizing your business and growing it the right way.

In episode 55 we talked about our fave ways to grow a services business – so don’t tune out – this is completely different. This goes way beyond growing into building something sustainable. A business you actually enjoy and are excited to work on.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #56:

We have five main categories that we are focusing on today.  Here’s a sampling of what go into detail about:

  • Weekly money dates – when you know what’s happening you’re WAY less stressed
  • Track each day how much money you bring in
  • Have a giving plan for your business
  • Complete monthly or quarterly expense reviews
  • Build a buffer
Time Management
  • Use a scheduler to avoid the calendar back and forth dance
  • Pad your schedule to stay out of your inbox
  • Tame your tech – stay offline when you need to be most productive
  • Use timers to gamify things and help boost when motivation is just not there
Client Work
  • Create standard templates for key tasks so you can add value without adding work (example – checklists)
  • Set a time for your project management and stick to it
  • Send your fave clients a surprise – a card, flowers, a fav book
  • Remember anniversaries and birthdays
  • Check-in on a regular basis whether by phone or in your PM system
  • Meditation
  • Schedule time to read business books during the day, not at night
  • Schedule time every week for you to be “creative”
  • Get moving – walk or bounce or yoga breaks
  • Gratitude practices
  • Journal
  • Schedule a monthly celebration
  • Treat yourself – even a fun lunch goes a long way
  • Schedule time to see your biz friends locally or for a biz vacation
  • Set a goal with a big reward and make it a game to get it
  • Get flowers for your office
  • Schedule a monthly celebration

And finally, booking out your services can be fun too!  To get our handy Booking Out Your Services guide – for free – you can text BOOKOUT to 44222 (if you are in the US).  

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