Selling Your Services With the Perfect Sales Page


Having a sales page is an essential part of your website. Even if you’re selling services, people visiting your site should have a single place to find all the details they are looking for when it comes to how you can work together.

When you have a sales page finding the perfect combination of design, content and next steps can make a critical difference in how successful you are at selling your services. When a service page is done right, it will pretty much sell itself and you’ll have clients ready to say yes!  


Here are three tips for selling your services with the perfect sales page:

#1. Have a Clean and Simple Design

We’ve all found ourselves on a site where there’s so much going on that it’s hard to know where to focus. This is exactly what you are trying to avoid with your services sales page.

The more going on with your sales page, the more likely it is that your message and key information will be missed by the reader.

That’s exactly why you want to keep your page’s design clean and simple. Think of this as ‘Sales Page 101’. You don’t need to have a super fancy page and if that is what you gravitate towards creating on your site, this is NOT the page to do it on.

Remember, the goal for your page is to create something that helps present the information in a bite-sized way. You want to make sure there is no nav bar, sidebar or any other distractions that may cause them to click away from the page.

Also, ensure you have a cohesive color palette and use of fonts. Please don’t get crazy and put ALL THE THINGS on your page.

As a bonus tip, to ensure your copy is easy-to-read, break it up with section breaks. You want to provide the information in small snippets that can be digested as the reader scrolls down the page so you don’t overwhelm them.

# 2. Focus on Benefits, Not Features

It’s easy to throw together a list of features when it comes to your services, but what really matters are the benefits.

You may have heard the expression “features tell, benefits sell” and this is critical to keep in mind. No one is going to hire you just because you can make a nice looking project plan. They are looking for tangible results that you can back up which is where your benefits come in.

If you’re not sure about benefits, keep this in mind. Your client wants to know what’s in it for them and why you’re the best person to do this. They want to know how things will look after they hire you.

To backup your benefit statements, include testimonials. Having real-life clients singing your praises is compelling to someone considering hiring you. Showing potential clients exactly what you have done for someone else, and how it benefited them is impactful. Plus, it demonstrates that you deliver on your benefit statements for your clients.

One question we get pretty often is from people wondering if they should include prices in their copy, and the answer to that is in most cases, when it comes to services, you should. You want to avoid having your potential client guessing whether or not they can afford it. By having your price, or at least at ‘starts at’ price, you’re building trust as they know you’re straightforward and invested in helping them figure out if you’re the right fit for them.

#3. Have a Clear Call-To-Action

They’re at the end of your page. Woot! Now it’s time to get them to the next step – booking a consult call or giving you money. This is why the call-to-action is critical!

On your services page, you want to lay out what your would-be client should do next and make it very clear with a big old button they can click on to take them to the next step. Make sure you outline what happens once they click on that button so they are clear on what the next steps are.

The last thing you want at this point is for your potential client to decide it’s too much work and abandon the whole process right at the end.

Exactly what those steps are will vary depending on whether they are purchasing or booking a consult, but we’re big fans of providing a numbered breakdown of the steps. By doing this, you’re making it clear what happens and you’re removing any roadblocks that may make them hesitate.

Get Into Action

We’re all about taking action, so for you to create your perfect sales page you’ll need to step back and figure out where your sales page could use the biggest boost. Pick one tip to start and get going today!

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