Episode 10: Preparing and Presenting Your Proposals

Are you being crystal clear? Proposals are critical to many service-based businesses which is why we’re giving you ‘The Scoop’ about the ins and outs of Proposal writing. Listen in and *PIN* these practical tips you can implement today.

In this episode we’re talking about all the ins and outs of proposals. They’re critical to many service-based businesses, but how do you prep and present a proposal in a way that gets your would-be client to say yes? Get out your notebook as this episode is super practical and will help you write proposals that your would-be clients love.

Here’s the scoop from episode #10:
  • Proposals are the lifeblood of your business, they are not boring!
  • It’s really easy to get stuck on the details: what to include, how much information to give, etc.
  • When creating your proposal, let it be dictated by the price: there’s a big difference in the time and effort put into a much more expensive proposal versus a lower priced one
  • We share some of our time saving tricks we use when we’re preparing our proposals
  • As long as you make a personal connection with the client, it’s okay to use the same content as previous proposals
  • If you find that you are constantly fine-tuning your packages for each client, there is either something off in your packages or you are letting your clients be too nit-picky
  • We share some of our must-haves in our proposals
  • When starting to work with a longer term client and providing complex services, start with a proposal for only one service at a time: it sets the stage for how you will work together and doesn’t overwhelm the client
  • Remember in a proposal: you are setting expectations for what you’re team will do but you are also setting expectations for the client
  • You are not running your client’s business for them: they need to show up and do the work along with you
  • The more clear your proposals are, the less surprises will crop up as you work together
  • Don’t put your creative ideas in the proposal: some people are just looking for the ideas, don’t do consulting work for free!
  • Make sure you’re pricing is very clear in your proposal: too many options is not a good idea
  • The most critical part of a proposal is the closing: be very clear on what their next steps will be
  • Make sure to include the time frame in the closing: make sure there’s a deadline for them to pay so you can complete the work within the time frame they gave you
  • We talk about the look of your proposal and how to think about the user’s experience as they go through the proposal
  • We use bidsketch, we explain why we love it so much and how much it has helped our proposal process
  • We are releasing a new audio case study! We give you the info

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