Episode 68: Creating Your Ideal Week

Having a plan in place for how your work week is going to go can make the difference between smooth sailing and a total gong show. Check out these tips for creating your ideal work week. *Pin this post for later*

It’s Monday morning. You’re raring to go. You’re ready for the BEST week ever. Then..next thing you know it’s Thursday night and you’re panicking as things are not going according to plan. In this episode, we’re looking at how to create your ideal week and stick with it as part of our productivity series.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #68:

You know how people get all excited about Friday? That’s the way we feel about Monday. We love Mondays so much as it’s a clean slate. But that really only matters if you can keep that feeling all week long. After all, none of us started a business to be a hot mess.

So….how do you create your ideal week? Remember – this is a work in progress. It starts with you deciding what needs to happen in an average week and using that as your starting point.

Things to consider for your ideal week:
  • Time to work on your business: You might already have this set aside, but if not, building in time for marketing, finance, business development
  • Creative time:  This might not be in work hours but you should plan for this so your mind can get in the right place and do some deep work on your business.  This could be a walk, cooking, crafting, whatever you enjoy.  Everyone is creative – even if you think you are not, you are!
  • Client work time blocks: You need set these up in your days so you can dedicate yourself to the work.   
  • Determine which day you do/don’t have calls (with clients or anyone else):  If you take nothing else away from this episode, take this nugget. You can’t get your work done if your day is broken up with calls.  Pay attention to your energy levels too – are you better at certain times of the day or week?  Then do your calls then.  Remember you are the BOSS – you can make these decisions.  

This is basically a skeleton of your week so you’re not starting fresh every Monday. Set aside time at the beginning of each week to fine tune it for that week and make sure you have the following marked in your calendar:

  • What calls do you have booked?  
  • What deadlines are coming in that week, for your client or for you?
  • What specific work needs to be done to meet your deadlines?
  • What needs tending in your business, whether it is marketing, bookkeeping, HR, etc?
  • Where is your blank space? Make sure you have some breathing room in case something goes off the rails or unexpected happens.

Consider setting up your “Ideal Week” in Google calendar (or whatever tool you use) to get a feel for what that would look like.  Block off time for all the things we just discussed and use it as a master guide to remind you of all the things you want to achieve. That can help you keep on track. Check out our Power Tips for Planning your Days for an image of what we are talking about.

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