Episode 9: The Art of Consults that Convert


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Just invite people to a free consult and get booked out. If only it was that easy…

On this episode of the Inside Scoop show we’re talking about how to do consults in a way that convert.

Here’s the scoop from episode #9:
  • We share some horror stories of consults gone wrong that we’ve been through in the past
  • We’re not about sleazy consults or a hard close and we share why
  • You can offer your pricing and packages with your consultation successfully by making it more of a conversation
  • You should never just give away a free consult without knowing if people are serious, we explain why
  • Your potential clients should come to the strategy call knowing what the problem is and you should know what the solution is, we share some ways to do that
  • We use a survey before we book a consultation, we explain why and how this developed as our business evolved
  • You have to have a plan when you go into your consult or you may never close and the call may go very long
  • You can set an expectation right away for what you will do in the call, you can do it without seeming pushy
  • If someone is excited about something, don’t wait to send them the proposal! Send it within hours
  • Waiting to follow up does not make the client think you are really busy and desirable, it means you don’t have the system in place or time to take care of them
  • There should be parameters around your follow up so the potential client still feels taken care of, we talk about what these are
  • Sometimes ‘no’ means ‘not right now’; it’s okay to follow up and ask why the answer is no
  • Use a system and structure for how you follow up and why, this will really set you apart if done in a really authentic way

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Guest Appearance by Preston!
Guest Appearance by Preston!

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