Episode 13: Creating an Outstanding Onboarding Experience

Pin this and learn everything you need to know about creating a client onboarding process that instills confidence and creates an impressive beginning to your new working relationship. In this week’s The Inside Scoop, we share how to keep the process simple and seamless, which will save you and your new client loads of time.

You’ve signed the contract and you’re so excited. (But then, buyer’s remorse sets in.) The same exact thing may happen to your clients no matter how awesome you are. In this episode we’re talking about start things off right with an onboarding experience that stands out.

Here’s the scoop from episode #13:
  • You sent the proposal, they said yes, what happens next? It doesn’t have to be a scramble
  • We talk about the onboarding process for us at Scoop and the 2 steps it includes
  • Make sure if someone’s going to be working on your project, you introduce them and what they will be doing
  • Your client should have a main point of contact and it should be clear who they are
  • Give your client an overview of the systems you will be using to manage them so they don’t get overwhelmed
  • Start to set up your central hub of onboarding so you know where everything is and don’t panic when someone says yes
  • You need to show your clients the confidence that you know what you’re doing and it’s effortless for you to put their minds at ease
  • If you haven’t already, map out the steps of your onboarding process on post it notes and make sure you have a process for each and every step
  • We talk about the power of the hand written note and why we love to include it in our onboarding process
  • Keep your process simple and seamless: you are working with other business owners and you don’t want to overwhelm them
  • Make sure they know you will be checking in with them regularly, it lets them know you will be on top of it

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